Free SEO Work for Your E-commerce Store

I would like to offer some free basic on-site SEO services for your e-commerce store. For those who are first to contact me, this will be a great opportunity to get some professional feedback on your store and products. For me, it’s an opportunity to better familiarize myself with platforms that I have less experience with.

I frequently write about Volusion because that’s the e-commerce platform I have the most experience with. However, I would like to offer services to individuals utilizing the following platforms:

3d cart
Big Commerce
Lead Commerce
Open Cart
Os Commerce
X cart
Zen Cart

…or any other platform that you may be using.

Please visit my contact page to discuss this opportunity with me. I’ll be editing this post as necessary to cross out platforms when store owners get in touch with me, and I’ll likely remove this post when it’s all over and done with.

Again, please reach out to me through my contact page instead of leaving a comment.

I plan to take on only one of each type of e-commerce platform, so act fast if you’d like my input on your store. Be sure to mention what platform your store is on and include a link to your store.

I’ll be looking at your products, categories, general site layout, additional customer-facing content, and overall online strategy. I may even ask your permission to write about your business and your store.

About Dean Peckenpaugh

Dean offers small business consulting services at DeanP, LLC - specializing in e-commerce and operations. Visit the contact page to request a consultation.