Network Solutions Demonstrates How Not to Survey Customers

If you are considering new ways to follow up with your customers on their purchase or inquiry then take notes on how Network Solutions does it in the worst possible way.

I had to call Network Solutions yesterday for a quick fix to a small issue. I called, I asked my question, I got my answer, and I was done. With the exception of their slow, aggravating, and counter-intuitive VMS, and the suspicion that I think I woke their customer service rep from a dead sleep, it was fast and easy – the way completely impersonal and disinterested customer service should be – until today.

It’s 2:00 in the afternoon right now. As of 1 hour ago, the Network Solutions automated system called me three times to follow up on yesterday’s call-in experience. I didn’t recognize the number until the third time – that’s when I suddenly remembered the last time I went through this. I knew I had to pick up the phone and answer its stupid questions or it would continue harassing me for the rest of the day. It’s Friday, and I wasn’t going to deal with that until 9:00 PM.

At 80% frustration, I pick up the phone:

“Hello. This is Network Solutions calling about your call yesterday. If this is the person who called and you’d like to answer our questions, press 1.”

So, I wait. What if I’m not the person? What if I don’t want to answer your questions? What do I press then?

Silence. So, I press 1 to get it over with.

“Sorry. That was an invalid response. Please try again. Hello. This is Network Solutions calling…”

Unbe… unbelievable! If I had hair I would surely pull it out; maybe that’s how I got this way.

Hello. This is Network Solutions calling to drive you to madness.

I was left with no option but to rage at Network Solutions over Twitter. Twice. Luckily I got a response indicating that they’d remove me from the list – so at least they credit for paying attention over Twitter.

So, Network Solutions – I charge you with having an unnecessarily annoying, ineffective, ironically counter-productive customer satisfaction follow-up survey. Also, your prices – even for simple domain registrations – are way, way higher than GoDaddy’s. You’ve earned my contempt in more than one way, and that earns you a ragepost on my blog. Take that!

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