Video: Volusion’s Broken Login Will Cripple Your Online Business

Have you ever typed the correct login credentials into Amazon, Overstock, NewEgg, or any other e-commerce store and found yourself back at the login screen, like nothing ever happened? Probably not – because those sites work. But you may have encountered this annoyance if you’re a customer of a Volusion store.

But if you’re a Volusion store owner, this problem is far from an annoyance – it’s a game-breaker, and it’s enough to cripple your sales and online business.

For months now I have been submitting tickets to Volusion reporting what my customers (and other Volusion store owners) are calling a “login loop.” On the surface the problem is simple – the customer types in their login criteria, submits it, and ends up right back where they started. Under the surface, who knows what’s going on? Not Volusion.

Incorrect e-mail or password combination, right? Wrong.
Ah, then 3rd party antivirus software must be interfering, right? Wrong.
Well, maybe your out-of-date browser with too many addons is blocking cookies, right? Wrong.
Er… maybe you’re just an idiot? Wrong!

I finally had the privilege of not being able to log in to my own Volusion store this morning. The good news is that I was able to duplicate the issue over and over on video.

If you want, you can skip past my intro to 2:00 to see the problem. Or skip to 3:21 to see it get really weird. You’ll want to enable sound so you can hear my narrating.

What a mess, right?

Yesterday I wrote about how even 5 minutes of downtime can wreck your online store. One of the points I argued was that downtime adversely affects smaller business the greatest because their customers won’t sit around waiting for the site to come back up – they’ll just move on to your competitor. Larger and more popular sites (like my company’s) are somewhat isolated from this phenomenon, but it still hurts.

These same points apply to the issue in the video. If customers can’t log into my company’s site – that’s bad of course – but at least they can order by fax, e-mail, or pick up the phone and call us when we’re open. The same can’t be said of the smaller mom-and-pop web store – they will just stop receiving orders and wonder why they’re broke.

Of course, I’m now left to ponder two questions: Is Volusion capable of fixing an issue they can’t duplicate? And – what are my customers telling their customers when they can’t order the parts they need over the weekend?

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