No End In Sight For Volusion Checkout Problems

Question: If you report a problem with your e-commerce website’s checkout process to your solutions provider, how long do you expect to wait for a resolution? 72 hours? 2 weeks? 1 month? How much business would you lose and how many customers would you frustrate during that time?

Apparently 4 months – yes, 1/3 of a year – is acceptable to Volusion. It looks as though it may be faster to send humans to Mars (6 months with current technology) than it is to get Volusion to fix their broken checkout page.

The latest of Volusion’s customers-can’t-checkout disasters comes in the form of displaying the message “Customer ID Does Not Exist” to repeat customers who are logged and trying to spend money. The 122 day old ticket says it all:

Return customer number XXXX just received an error stating that his “customer number could not be found” when clicking the Place Order button. he has placed 64 orders without incident prior to this.

He says he logged in, added items to cart, proceeded to one page checkout, selected billing/shipping addresses, selected shipping method, entered his payment information, and received that error.

Other store owners on have reported this problem. Attached is a screenshot that another Volusion store owner supplied.

Imagine going to your favorite online shopping site, logging in, adding items to your cart and – when it comes time to finally place your order – the site tells you that you don’t exist and that it can’t take your order. Would this affect the business you do with that merchant? Would you instead shop elsewhere, and recommend products and share links from another site instead?

Volusion doesn’t think so – as evidenced by their staggering resolution time that, at the time of this writing, exceeds 4 months – a figure that is shamefully ridiculous by any standard.

Exploring Other E-commerce Solutions

Due to the abundance of problems with Volusion – including a bug that can prevent anyone (even store owners) from logging in – I have stopped recommending Volusion to all but a handful of prospective clients and industry professionals. I have also been put in the position of having to place much of my personal and work-related tasks on hold so I can look for a new e-commerce provider for my company.

Be sure to subscribe with this feed to follow me as I review and test e-commerce providers to replace Volusion. I’ll include commentary on the best features, the biggest oversights, and notes on compatibility with the most popular 3rd party services.

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