Commercials That Make Me Want to Buy

Much has changed in my life over the past few months. Of all the things I wish to share, let me first say that I now have cable TV, courtesy of a killer discount from the University of Houston. While I enjoy disconnecting from mass media, I also miss the creativity and effort of great commercial-crafting. Here are a couple commercials that make me want to buy things.

Claire Does Dewar’s

I once had the experience of dating a woman who didn’t care for Valentine’s Day. In fact, she thought it was stupid. She didn’t like sudden increase in expectations between couples and she really didn’t like being marketed to. She felt like Valentine’s Day marketing made women look weak, entitled, and snobby. I agreed with her completely, and we never celebrated the day.

I also really, really dislike being marketed to, especially when I know that a product or campaign is being pushed on my specific demographic. It makes me raise my chin up and think, No – I will not concede to your attempts to win my support or dollars.

And then came a Dewar’s Scotch commercial featuring Claire Forlani. This features two of my favorite things – scotch and Claire – working together beautifully. Only the antiquated laws of the state of Texas prevented me from taking a trip to the liquor store on this fine Sunday afternoon. Other than my own preferences, what’s going on here?

Is it the atmosphere created in the commercial, Claire’s gruff sexuality, a combination of those and other elements, or just my personal preference for the elements in the ad?

Send in Brady

I’ve had two heroes in Football – Joe Montana and Tom Brady. Though Montana never had me interested in his endorsements, Brady’s 2 seconds of presence in this commercial piqued my interest.

But really – Brady is a nice addition to the ad but it’s all about the fast, no-BS narration, thumping bass line, and attractive imagery.

Old Spice

I know several people who switched to Old Spice after the company’s wildly successful marketing overhaul a couple years ago. Was it the genius marketing, or the charisma of Isaiah Mustafa, or the actual quality of the products?

The Old Spice marketing campaign is up there with products like toothpaste and Febreeze that will become part of every business school’s marketing fundamentals course. There’s nothing I can say about Old Spice that hasn’t already been said by people far more qualified than myself, but I can say that I bought in to Old Spice’s new product line over the past couple years.

It’s one thing to have a great commercial, but the stars really align when the product turns out to be great as well. I found that to be the case with Old Spice and – although Dewar’s isn’t my first choice – I like it as well. Even without Tom Brady, the new Dodge Dart is looking pretty good.

What commercials pull you in? Did you buy the product or service, and do you still buy?

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