About Us

We are a Houston, Texas -based consulting firm specializing in e-commerce, graphic and print design, network and database administration, and other resources essential to small businesses.

We believe that a good product, fair prices, and killer customer service are the foundation for success in nearly all small business models. That said, we believe a business won’t have the chance to show off these qualities if they can’t identify their customers, if they appear sloppy, disorganized, or out of date, or if their customers don’t see them as relevant.

Our passion is helping small business owners overcome these obstacles legitimately, gracefully, and decidedly.

Our Team


Dean has been finding ways to sell things online since the late 1990’s. He began working with the Volusion e-commerce platform in 2007 as Operations Manager at Luxor Direct, where he helped the company reach the 2008 listings of the National Inc 500. Dean currently serves as the Director of IT for a global product distributor where he has overseen the company’s transition from a legacy e-commerce platform, to Volusion, and finally to 3D Cart. Dean specializes in e-commerce solutions, search engine optimization, developing organizational processes, and creating the best possible user experience for site visitors. Read articles by Dean.


Adam began his career in 2005 as a graduate from the Art Institute of Houston and has since specialized in creative and artistic applications such as graphic design, web, print, photography, video, motion graphics, and music. With experience in creating content for video and web advertising in media publications like the Houston Chronicle, managing the branding of websites, products and print campaigns in the nutritional supplement industry, and promotional materials for local musicians, Adam adds a unique perspective and creative effort to any project, big or small.


Andrew is a skilled IT professional specializing in Windows and Linux network administration, large database administration, and advanced configuration of network hardware such as enterprise routers and firewalls. Andrew has worked in highly specialized IT positions with leading Houston businesses such as UHY Advisors and Halliburton. As the founder of DigitalGiants, LLC., Andrew brings a rare mix of small business knowledge and big business experience to our team.