How to Handle Deleted or Discontinued Products

Here are some quick tips in response to a question that comes up often from e-commerce store owners: "What do you do with deleted or discontinued products?" First, let's get on the same page about what problems, if any, result from having products on your store that aren't for sale, and then we'll talk about solutions. We'll use examples from some real online stores. Many store owners resort to one of two courses of action when dealing with a discontinued product. They either delete it or … [Read more...]

META Descriptions aren’t Dead

I recently read (and quickly commented on) a post on Volusion's blog entitled "4 SEO Tricks Google Doesn't Want You to Know." Although Volusion is first and foremost an e-commerce platform provider, and search engine optimization is a component of success in e-commerce, Volusion is not an expert on SEO - says I, anyway. Nevertheless I read their blog regularly, and I find that, although they aren't SEO experts, they do tend to give solid advice for the intermediate online store owner. That … [Read more...]

Volusion Forum Questions – Page Views and SERP

Here are a set of questions from Kelly from the Volusion forums, followed by my response. This will start a new "Answers" category here on my blog, through which I'll post my responses to interesting SEO and e-commerce questions I've found online.  I hope you find these Q&A's useful. I have several questions about page views... 1) SERPs and Page Views - Does Google take page views into consideration for SERPs? If so, wouldn't it be better to make customers 'page' through product … [Read more...]