3dcart: Unlimited Bandwidth and No-cost Data Migration

Attention ecommerce store owners! If your store is still on Volusion, you have two great things going for you: 1) You can install the Volusion app on your Android smartwatch. The value of this development was summed up best by one Volusion store owner who said: Doesn't really matter that I cannot access my STORE products from my mobile device, as long as I can see all the sales I am missing from my watch. 2) You can migrate to 3dcart at the absolute best time ever. There was a time a couple … [Read more...]

What is the Next Big Thing for eCommerce?

Let's consider the fads, must-have's, game changers, and other selling points of ecommerce that have come and gone over the past few years. These are the things that ecommerce SAAS providers have rushed to integrate and support, either to be the first in the pack to do so or to catch up to the rest. You've seen them listed in those ridiculous side-by-side check off list comparisons that, hmm, just might be skewed in favor of one of the two. You've also seen them in EMAIL BLASTS from your … [Read more...]

Our E-commerce Interview With Cart2Cart

I recently had the opportunity to do some Q&A in an interview with Marichka Baluk covering some industry basics, best practices, 3D Cart, and Cart2Cart, the e-commerce platform migration service developed by MagneticOne. You can read the commentary and original article on the Cart2Cart blog, or catch our repost below. 1) Dean, you’ve been working in e-commerce for quite a long time now. Please tell us a little about your experience. What platforms have you tried out and how did you end up … [Read more...]

3D Cart Adds USPS Address Verification

The good people at 3D Cart just launched an address verification add on. The price is a slim $9.99 a month, or $99 if you pay for a year all at once. I like this feature. Not only can it help prevent honest shipping mistakes on the shipping address side, but it should help in preventing AVS declines on the billing address side. Given that the fee to intercept / redirect a UPS package is $12 - $17, and that chargebacks can cost as much as your most expensive product, the address … [Read more...]