Protected: Lessons from WrightIMC’s PR Blunder

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3D Cart Offers F_cking Awesome Migration Special

The good people at 3D Cart need to have their heads checked. CTO Jimmy Rodriguez e-mailed me this morning to tell me about the company's special for April, which you can view and purchase at the following page: It's like this: for $499, the 3D Cart team will transfer for your products, product images, product options, categories, and customers. Plus - and this is the part that really seals the deal - they'll move your SSL and update your … [Read more...]

Bandwidth Evaluation – 3D Cart vs Volusion

Most e-commerce platform reviews are awful - they're based on subjective criteria like customer service and ease of use. I've been wanting to do some comparisons and reviews on e-commerce platforms for a while now, but I didn't know where to start - until I got these stats on a large e-commerce store transitioned from Volusion to 3D Cart just over a month ago. Writing is exhausting enough already, and I do a lot of it every day. When I consider the possibility of my reviews getting pretty … [Read more...]

No End In Sight For Volusion Checkout Problems

Question: If you report a problem with your e-commerce website's checkout process to your solutions provider, how long do you expect to wait for a resolution? 72 hours? 2 weeks? 1 month? How much business would you lose and how many customers would you frustrate during that time? Apparently 4 months - yes, 1/3 of a year - is acceptable to Volusion. It looks as though it may be faster to send humans to Mars (6 months with current technology) than it is to get Volusion to fix their broken … [Read more...]