Consulting Services

Like a good friend for everyday feedback or a therapist for personal development, our consultants are here to provide guidance that facilitates smart decisions within your small business. We know it’s lonely at the top when you are your own boss, and sometimes it’s temping to just buy and spend your way out of a problem or decision – that’s why we’re here not only to help you make money, but also to advise against expensive mistakes.

If you consider your time to be valuable then consider spending your first hour with us at no cost. Additional consultations are offered at an hourly rate, billed at the end of the month, and available with no retainer and no contract.

Make Decisions

If you’ve ever been so hungry that you couldn’t decide what to eat, then you’re certainly familiar with the concept of paralysis from over-analysis. When this same phenomenon encroaches on your business, your creativity, efficiency, and foresight are the first to be affected – inevitably followed by your bottom line.

Contact us before this happens; a few sessions with our consultants will be far cheaper and much more productive than continuing the circle of downtime and doubt.

Reduce Costs

We help clients reduce their costs by identifying redundant, unnecessary, and underutilized services, procedures, and products and by recommending less expensive and superior alternatives. Our service typically pays for itself in a few months, if not immediately. And because we have your best interests in mind, we won’t bill you for a single dollar if we can’t find a way to reduce your costs.