Ecommerce Services

Whether you are considering opening an online store or contemplating a move from one shopping cart provider to another, the decision is a big one. Our e-commerce consultants are former store owners, webmasters, designers, and developers who know that your decision is one that you may only be able to afford to make once.

We don’t want to just pass you through a referral program and dump you onto a platform that doesn’t work; we want to stay with you throughout your transition and subsequent growth. The following is a description of services available for your website or online store.

Creating a Presence Online

If you’ve yet to establish a online presence then your business is simply not legitimate in the eyes of the greater public. In fact, if you don’t have a web site in the year 2013, then you probably don’t even exist to the demographic younger than 35. You may have experienced success over the years with advertisements in the newspaper or Yellow Pages, or perhaps relied on excellent customer service and word of mouth, but today’s consumer requires immediate information – and they find it on the internet.

Imagine that someone has been told by a friend or coworker about a business they think is reputable. It’s likely this person will turn to the internet to do a bit of research on the company, read customer reviews, and browse photos or products online before making the decision to buy. If your business has no web site, this customer will never find you, and they will never receive the validation they require to commit to buying from you. They will, on the other hand, find your competitor.

We do WordPress template-based sites from the ground up. Contact us for options and examples.

Store Planning

If you’re ready to take your business and products into the online marketplace and begin selling on the internet, or if you’ve been unsuccessful in your attempts to do so thus far, we can help you. You don’t need to fall back on the restrictions of eBay and PayPal to sell online – you can operate your own e-commerce site and process your own payments securely and efficiently.

3D Cart
3D Cart offers a high degree of customization right out of the box. Advanced features also included, such as customer segmentation and over 50 editable e-mail templates, and additional solutions like Amazon Payments and Facebook Connect top off a powerful e-commerce platform. As a 3D Cart referral partner, we can assist you with getting your online store up and running the right way. Try 3D Cart free and let us know what you think.

In addition to setting up your 3D Cart store, we offer the following services:

  • Mass edits
  • On-site SEO
  • Custom scripts and coding
  • Your PSD design art sliced and coded into template
  • Custom stock messages
  • Multiple-tier option selection
  • Plugin integration

Similar to 3D Cart, BigCommerce is an excellent ecommerce solution but is unique in its simplicity and ease of use.

Volusion features a robust SEO suite and API access on most plans. They also offer one of the most easy-to-use administrative backends in the industry which resides behind a variety of free and customizeable templates. As an experienced Volusion customer with an established history of contributions to Volusion store owners, I can assist with any and all steps of the store-building process.

In addition to setting up your Volusion store, we offer the following services:

  • Mass edits
  • On-site SEO
  • Custom scripts and coding
  • API assistance


Cart2Cart is likely the best solution for facilitate your migration from one ecommerce platform to another. The service automatically connects your two stores via their respective APIs and transfers products, customers, order history, and other data. Sounds technical, right? Let us handle it for you.

Contact us to discuss the right e-commerce platform for your business.

Site Audit

So you have your online store, a great product line with killer product images, but no sales. What now? We’ll scour your site looking for broken functionality, erroneous and harmful coding, better search engine optimization techniques, better customer service opportunities, user experience improvements, and anything else that could be holding you back.


On-Site Search Engine Optimization

Whether the purpose of your website is to sell products online or to simply have an attractive online presence, potential customers must be able to find your website and they must land on content that is relative to their searches.  The process of your site being found in Google searches is constantly changing.

Whether you need to have your site optimized for search engine friendliness for the very first time, or you need to have it done correctly after unsuccessful attempts, or you simply need an update to bring your content more in line with the changing market – as a Google Engage member, we can offer the proven, professional experience you require. We only engage in natural content/visitor -driven results and don’t do “backlink campaigns,” spam your links on fake Twitter profiles, or any other black hat practices.


Cloud Solutions

If you’re already fully plugged in, ask us about how you can secure your data and deliver it faster and cheaper by migrating to the cloud. This is the ideal solution for reducing bandwidth overage fees on your Volusion store and creating your own content delivery network or CDN.

As an Amazon Web Services approved Systems Integrator, we can help you keep your data secure, backed up, and super fast – and it’s more economical than you may think.

Custom Coding, Scripts, and Addons

We offer a variety of custom scripts and code for your Volusion and 3D Cart e-commerce store. Whether you need your store to preform differently for your visitors or for the administrative back end to preform in a specific way for you, we can write the code to suit your needs.

As a sample, enjoy these sanity-saving freebie scripts for your Volusion store.

Credit Card Processing and Electronic Payment Gateway Integration

There’s more to taking payments and credit cards online than just PayPal. Trust our expertise to guide you in finding a payment capturing solution that fits your needs and budget.