Video: Volusion’s Broken Login Will Cripple Your Online Business

Have you ever typed the correct login credentials into Amazon, Overstock, NewEgg, or any other e-commerce store and found yourself back at the login screen, like nothing ever happened? Probably not - because those sites work. But you may have encountered this annoyance if you're a customer of a Volusion store. But if you're a Volusion store owner, this problem is far from an annoyance - it's a game-breaker, and it's enough to cripple your sales and online business. For months now I … [Read more...]

Must-Have Greasemonkey Scripts for Volusion Back-end

No web-based e-commerce software is perfect. They're full of inefficiencies, wasted space, poorly-placed buttons and tabs, and cluttered interfaces. At first glance, some of these oversights and ill-planned functions don't seem like a big deal - but for those of us whose daily job consists of working within this software, it is indeed an epic nightmare. Here is a collection of some free JavaScript solutions for the Volusion software's back end. These are all scripts intended for Volusion's … [Read more...]

Top 3 Basic Features Missing from Volusion

We're coming up on 2012 - the future we all fantasized about when growing up - and although we've been gyped out of the technology to make cars fly, we certainly aren't lacking the capacity to make our e-commerce software do what we need it to do. Nevertheless, Volusion has dug its heels in and refused to make any significant coding changes to their core platform in years.  This has resulted in some feature gaps that are way out of place given the competition, the expectation of consumers, … [Read more...]