Our E-commerce Interview With Cart2Cart

I recently had the opportunity to do some Q&A in an interview with Marichka Baluk covering some industry basics, best practices, 3D Cart, and Cart2Cart, the e-commerce platform migration service developed by MagneticOne. You can read the commentary and original article on the Cart2Cart blog, or catch our repost below. 1) Dean, you’ve been working in e-commerce for quite a long time now. Please tell us a little about your experience. What platforms have you tried out and how did you end up … [Read more...]

Video: Volusion’s Broken Login Will Cripple Your Online Business

Have you ever typed the correct login credentials into Amazon, Overstock, NewEgg, or any other e-commerce store and found yourself back at the login screen, like nothing ever happened? Probably not - because those sites work. But you may have encountered this annoyance if you're a customer of a Volusion store. But if you're a Volusion store owner, this problem is far from an annoyance - it's a game-breaker, and it's enough to cripple your sales and online business. For months now I … [Read more...]

iPad Conversions May Improve Pending Volusion Update

Top Mobile Device Visits on Allparts.com

I pulled some interesting statistics from the allparts.com Google Analytics report today. But first some background: Allparts is hosted by and runs on Volusion's e-commerce shopping cart software. Volusion launched their M-commerce platform in March 2010. This free feature addition, which is either toggled on or off in the store's configuration settings, displays a mobile-device-friendly version of the store. Much to the disappointment of many Volusion store owners, the Volusion … [Read more...]