Protected: Lessons from WrightIMC’s PR Blunder

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No End In Sight For Volusion Checkout Problems

Question: If you report a problem with your e-commerce website's checkout process to your solutions provider, how long do you expect to wait for a resolution? 72 hours? 2 weeks? 1 month? How much business would you lose and how many customers would you frustrate during that time? Apparently 4 months - yes, 1/3 of a year - is acceptable to Volusion. It looks as though it may be faster to send humans to Mars (6 months with current technology) than it is to get Volusion to fix their broken … [Read more...]

Network Solutions Demonstrates How Not to Survey Customers

If you are considering new ways to follow up with your customers on their purchase or inquiry then take notes on how Network Solutions does it in the worst possible way. I had to call Network Solutions yesterday for a quick fix to a small issue. I called, I asked my question, I got my answer, and I was done. With the exception of their slow, aggravating, and counter-intuitive VMS, and the suspicion that I think I woke their customer service rep from a dead sleep, it was fast and easy - the … [Read more...]