Protected: Ineptitude, Lies, and Credit Card Processing

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E-commerce Bandwidth Fees Too High? Store Data in the Cloud.

Some e-commerce hosts offer very little bandwidth transfer per month for their customers. In the same way that wireless phone companies used to depend on overages for steady revenue (I would know, I because I worked in wireless back when no one had a phone), Volusion, for example, now depends on massive customer overages as a steady and reliable stream of revenue. Now, I can't disclose the monthly bill for my company's site, but I can say that it's well over five times the base price point … [Read more...]

4 Steps to Prevent Data Loss at Your Small Business

Your small business probably has a lot of important, perhaps even irreplaceable digital information. Think of everything you, your employees, your suppliers, and your customers interact with every day - trivial things from your digital letterhead or to critical accounting database files. Or maybe you have an e-commerce store with 5,000 product images that you've paid a professional photographer for. Unless you've taken the proper precautions, you're only one power outage or hard drive failure … [Read more...]

META Descriptions aren’t Dead

I recently read (and quickly commented on) a post on Volusion's blog entitled "4 SEO Tricks Google Doesn't Want You to Know." Although Volusion is first and foremost an e-commerce platform provider, and search engine optimization is a component of success in e-commerce, Volusion is not an expert on SEO - says I, anyway. Nevertheless I read their blog regularly, and I find that, although they aren't SEO experts, they do tend to give solid advice for the intermediate online store owner. That … [Read more...]