How to: Be on the Lookout for Credit Card Testing

Stolen credit card data is regularly sold in bulk to people looking to score expensive purchases at your expense. After purchasing this data, fraudsters will look for ways to test their cards to see which ones actually work. Very few of the stolen cards will work, but that's okay because fraudsters only need one or two working cards to start their shopping spree. Two Types of Ecommerce Credit Card Fraud the big, big purchase Any e-commerce store can be a target stolen card use. If you … [Read more...]

4 Steps to Prevent Data Loss at Your Small Business

Your small business probably has a lot of important, perhaps even irreplaceable digital information. Think of everything you, your employees, your suppliers, and your customers interact with every day - trivial things from your digital letterhead or to critical accounting database files. Or maybe you have an e-commerce store with 5,000 product images that you've paid a professional photographer for. Unless you've taken the proper precautions, you're only one power outage or hard drive failure … [Read more...]

Identifying, Fixing, and Preventing HTTPS Security Issues

I've mentioned before that I frequently post on the Volusion forums, both seeking and giving advice on topics ranging from coding, SQL queries, marketing, bug reports and fixes, and the software itself. One of the most common issues experienced by store owners is the variety of security alerts, pop-ups, and icons resulting from loading non-secure content on a secure page. These alerts and messages will quickly drive ready-to-buy customers away from your site. Here are some steps you can take to … [Read more...]