Our E-commerce Interview With Cart2Cart

I recently had the opportunity to do some Q&A in an interview with Marichka Baluk covering some industry basics, best practices, 3D Cart, and Cart2Cart, the e-commerce platform migration service developed by MagneticOne. You can read the commentary and original article on the Cart2Cart blog, or catch our repost below. 1) Dean, you’ve been working in e-commerce for quite a long time now. Please tell us a little about your experience. What platforms have you tried out and how did you end up … [Read more...]

Protected: Lessons from WrightIMC’s PR Blunder

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password: … [Read more...]

No End In Sight For Volusion Checkout Problems

Question: If you report a problem with your e-commerce website's checkout process to your solutions provider, how long do you expect to wait for a resolution? 72 hours? 2 weeks? 1 month? How much business would you lose and how many customers would you frustrate during that time? Apparently 4 months - yes, 1/3 of a year - is acceptable to Volusion. It looks as though it may be faster to send humans to Mars (6 months with current technology) than it is to get Volusion to fix their broken … [Read more...]

Video: Volusion’s Broken Login Will Cripple Your Online Business

Have you ever typed the correct login credentials into Amazon, Overstock, NewEgg, or any other e-commerce store and found yourself back at the login screen, like nothing ever happened? Probably not - because those sites work. But you may have encountered this annoyance if you're a customer of a Volusion store. But if you're a Volusion store owner, this problem is far from an annoyance - it's a game-breaker, and it's enough to cripple your sales and online business. For months now I … [Read more...]