Follow Up on My Complaint with's corporate business status is suspended

Back in November 2011 I wrote about my ridiculous experience - the e-commerce store that literally held my money hostage in exchange for a copy of my driver's license. I claimed that was going to lose money to me and that I would win my dispute with PayPal. Although my predictions were mostly wrong, I still came out on top. Here is my update on the ordeal. You can read my original article here: Why I don't Trust the People at Protecting My Personal … [Read more...]

Publicly Handling Customer Complaints

A quick break from the standard SEO and e-commerce articles for some tips and commentary on something I'm passionate about: successful business by way of exceptional customer service. Some events transpired (and are still unfolding) here in Houston recently that have prompted me to comment on how to publicly handle customer complaints. This event was first picked up by local news, and then by countless outlets with the national news, and then international news. Maybe the news will make it … [Read more...]

Tips for a Solid Return Policy

Refund return shipping fees when possible

I just read an article on Daily Finance titled "The Nine Businesses Americans Complain About the Most." E-commerce, in general, ranked 8th on the list, with the top complaint being the seller's "failure to refund money when product doesn't arrive or arrives damaged." I worked for an e-tailer running a Volusion web store several years ago. Our product was a specific line of high-tech consumer electronics which, as you can imagine, resulted in heavy returns - mostly due to consumers not fully … [Read more...]